If you have questions or remarks about the "Geen Haat!" (No Hate!) initiative, you can contact us by sending an email to info at geenhaat.nl. We invite you to add your comments under the "Nederlanders" video on YouTube, follow us on Twitter (mostly in Dutch), befriend us on Facebook, and join Geen Haat! on Hyves (mostly in Dutch).

"Geen Haat!" is an independent initiative that is entirely self-funded. We do not have an office and it is not possible to make a donation. You can best help this initiative by referring as many people as possible to our video. You can do this in the following ways:

  • send an email to your friends;
  • post your comments under the YouTube video;
  • refer to us from your website, profile or blog:
    Link: Geen Haat! (No Hate!)
    Badge: Geen Haat! (Geen Haat!)
    Video: Geen Haat!

Photographs, texts, and press materials on this site may be copied under these terms. Requests for interviews with one or more participants can be mailed to pr at geenhaat.nl

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