About Us

"Geen Haat!" (No Hate!) is an independent non-profit initiative that was inspired by broad social discussions that began after the Netherlands general elections of June 2010. "Geen Haat!" initiators Johan Oudshoorn and Mark Smit want to make a signal. A signal about respect and appreciation for people around us. "I think it is too easy to blame social problems on politics", says Mark.

We stand for a country where everyone is free with no place for hatred. A country where no-one fears to be oneself and a society where everyone is appreciated. Regardless of skin color, religion, sexual orientation, ancestry, or political views.

Our initiative led to this website and the video "Nederlanders" (Dutch people). A self-funded project that was carried out entirely by volunteers. On the Internet, we sought out a cast with varying backgrounds and personal beliefs. People whose personal stories match the vision of this initiative.

Speak Out!

Our message is universal and we're open for a suitable continuation. Therefore, we welcome suggestions and interesting ideas to extend "Geen Haat!". You can also help us reach a larger audience by linking to this website (www.geenhaat.com) or by embedding our videos on your own website or blog.

Will you, too, speak out against hate?